Air Taxi Services

An air taxi is a cost-efficient and comfortable solution for short-haul flights on aircraft such as helicopters, propeller planes or light jets. Their size and capabilities also enable them to land and take-off from shorter runways and landing strips, often providing passengers with access to smaller, local airports that are closer to their final destinations than busier, more popular hubs.

SkyLavish Aviation’s air taxi services offers affordable private air travel and the freedom to fly direct as per your Schedule. With SkyLavish you can enjoy the freedom and convenience of private aviation at a fraction of the cost of traditional air charter.

Operating from airports in and around subcontinent of India, SkyLavish proudly serves our Nation’s Capital and the surrounding region within thousands of miles. Flights outside the Service Area are available upon request. We cater to your specific travel needs and work to offer the very best value possible. We offer guaranteed pricing on all flights and stand behind our estimates. You will always know the exact price for your trip before you fly.

Furthermore, air taxi’s relative size compared with other aircraft types allows them to reach remote destination and places with little or no infrastructure – especially helpful for passengers travelling to mines, rigs and other hard-to-reach sites. If you are looking for a cost-effective way of chartering a private aircraft for a short trip, then an air taxi is the ideal option for you.

Unlike road travel, flying across sky gives you a bird’s eye view of some incredible sights. With so much to see, time is precious and travel is tedious. So why waste time? When you can hop on SkyLavish Aviation’s domestic flight and get a head start on your journey. We operate a scheduled service from our dedicated domestic terminals.

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