Flower Dropping Services

Flower shower is a very good concept especially during events such as marriages, felicitations, inaugurations other ceremonies. It is also used in various occasions such as: Religious Ceremonies, Election Campaigns, Political Rallies, Family Gathering, So whatever be the occasion you can count on us to make an occasion very special and remembered for a special one. We will arrange Helicopter / air craft anywhere in India.

Flower Dropping / Showering using a helicopter or aeroplane is a novel concept that can add a bit of glamour and  style to your special occasions like wedding, birthday celebration, anniversary or other functions. Flower dropping gives a nice touch for the special occasion day. That would cherish your day and enlightened the moment very beautifully with flowers.

SkyLavish Aviation’s  Flower Showering Services is designed to give a nice touch in your wedding.  Our team will work with you to ensure unforgettable moment all around the sight. We arrange for flower dropping/showering over the venue from the helicopter in such a manner that would enlightened the function.

If you wish to add more colors to your celebrations you can hire our helicopter for flower dropping. We provide specialized flower dropping services by helicopter, be it on a wedding ceremony or on a temple or a political rally or on any other procession. Our pilots and trained persons ensure that flowers drop on the spot.

We provide flower dropping from the sky to make your celebrations (Wedding day or religious ceremony) a memorable day. Wouldn’t it be lovely to accentuate this moment with a celebratory flower drop from sky? A nice touch for your special occasion day Flowers can be picked by you or by us. Be it a wedding ceremony or Religious event.

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